NOTE: Diamond Band Dream's concert has been revised,
please go to www.diamondbanddream.com to check out a update information.

Diamond Band Dream will start their concert with the tradition international battle drums (like a regular
marching band battle performance but the cultural mix laid the ground work for the New). Then they begin
their first song - Tokyo is a Diamond City with an amaze of the international choruses introduction ( A montage sequence
scenes of Tokyo City in the background). We see a group of white American drummers are playing Asian backup
drums on stage, three drummer stages of pop and rap with handsomme young white American men players, two
handsome british young men are playing guitars on stage (Close-UP), two level saxophones, clarinets, and trumpets stages
with a group of young handsome men and young ladies players, four level orchestra and violin players stages (with
beautiful young ladies and men players), 4 handsome young men bass players, four handsome young men and young
ladies lead guitars (They will do the exchange solos together), and two young white American men of synthesizer
keyboards players like Yamaha M61s or better. Note: Diamond Band Dream will have all of the new pyrotechnics for their
concert Stage.
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